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Cultivating 5 Forces To Attract Wealth

Pursuing The Wrong Thing

Don’t spend your life chasing easy cash! It is not the pursuit of wealth that will cultivate an attraction of money to our lives! I have heard it said that fast money sprouts wings and departs as fast as it came. Many have experienced the pain and despair of chasing wealth when one small change in focus would have yielded a vast windfall of revenue. Wouldn’t you rather attract wealth than spend your energy chasing it down!

Focus On Developing Attractive Forces For Wealth

As we discover how to build our lives to become wealth magnets we live the rest of our time attracting it rather than chasing it. Opportunities, connections, creative ideas, etc. fall in the path of those who are prepared, while others never seem to ever catch a break.

Everyone has the ability to develop attractive forces for wealth. The first step is knowing these forces exist. The second step is actively producing change in our lives to amplify and release these forces.

Five Forces To Attract Wealth

1. Faith is the first force of wealth attraction. Faith is a confident assurance that something is true. Only pure truth can promote such a confidence. I have discovered that when we discover truth and receive it in our core beliefs, power is released within us to bring this truth to pass in our lives. One truth about wealth that will create the force of faith to draw money to you is the knowledge that everyone can be rich. Yes, you were meant to be wealthy! State this truth to yourself, daily for the next 21 days, “I am meant to be wealthy!” See what begins to happen as you start believing this truth! Faith will attract wealth to you!

2. Dreams create wealth opportunities. A dream conceived becomes the seed of a future manifested reality. What we consistently focus our visionary capacity upon will eventually be drawn onto our life path. Collect pictures from magazines under the following topics (dream house, dream car, dream career, dream wardrobe, etc.), then place these pictures onto a dream board. Place this board in clear view where you will see it daily. Sit in front of this board 5 minutes a day for the next 21 days and dream yourself living in your dream life.

3. Knowledge releases wealth. People are destroyed by a lack of understanding. Cultures have been stifled and used as slaves simply by the restriction of education. Fear is dispelled when the unknown is eliminated. Knowledge can be our greatest friend. Risk is diminished with each deposit of understanding! Go to a library and ask for books on wealth thinking. Sit and read for 15 mins a day to start to wash your thinking with wealth clues, keys, thoughts, vocabulary, etc. The more familiar you are with money the less you will fear gaining it!

4. Rich friends will call you up to a new level of living. Why will a rich person want you to become rich? So you don’t ask them for money in your time of need. You can become someone else’s answer rather than their present opportunity for philanthropy. It feels far better being the one capable of meeting a need rather than accepting a hand out. Find someone who is more wealthy than you and pay the price to become their friend. You must show yourself friendly to become a friend. I assure you that once you make a rich friend, you will be drawn into wealth. Listen to their advice, be teachable, ask questions, act on their advice promptly.

5. Release generosity to magnify your wealth magnetism. Every philanthropist has discovered that you can’t out give the ability of wealth’s capacity to magnetize towards a generous person. What we release is what we will ultimately receive (and greater besides)! Generosity is a universal principle for the manifestation of increase. Ask any wealthy, generous person how much giving has advanced their ability to receive. You make a life by what you give! Find someone in need you can give something to today!

I want to help you to attract wealth and I want to increase my ability to gain wealth in return so here is a free gift? Go to the web site below to get a free chapter of the book, “Success Steps To Wealthy Living.”

Travel Journals – Scrapbooks of Your Don’t-Ever-Want-To-Forget Trips

Grab a travel journal that has both lined and blank pages, find and unbridle your “little kid” enthusiasm for collecting things, and off you go!

What qualifies for this kind of adventure, you ask?

Most definitely the words “travel journal” sound like you are going on a trip — so let’s say you are. For years you have probably been doing the following:

- dreaming of visiting a particular place
- torn out and stashed articles about it
- gathered information from newspapers and magazines
- ordered numerous travel company catalogs
- researched it at the library
- spent hours online reading about it

During this same time, have your ears perked up every time someone mentioned the place… did you surprise yourself in overcoming your usual shyness, leaned forward and asked questions?

Would it be safe to say you have “mentally” visited the place, now you are so primed and yearning to “physically” experience the culture, the people, the aromas, the sites revealing its history, the food unique to the region, and everything else awaiting you?

You are ready to immerse yourself… to feel the differences and the similarities.

On this type of trip, you might choose to “leave yourself at home” in order to absorb a fresh understanding. An expansion of you certainly would mean life-altering growth.

You would not come home the same person, would you?

When taking in so many new things, our minds handle it moment by moment, falsely convincing us that we shall remember it all later. Our mind shouts, “Bring it on, there is space for more!!!”

You & I both know that it is not about the space, the capacity, to “take it in” that is our challenge. It is our ability later to “pull it back out“, to recall these fantastic, special moments that is our challenge.

(My eyes closed and my shoulders dropped in relief the other day when I heard a physician, who specializes in dementia & Alzheimer’s, be adamant the audience accept the FACT that it is NORMAL not to be able to recall details. I liked her definition of the time to call her for a consultation: when I find myself, or someone I love, putting the car keys in the refrigerator.)
That’s a deal, doctor!

However, this very minute, we all need to handle the FACT you, the expert doctor, bluntly put to us: we forget.

And Life proves you right! How many trips, fantastic trips, have we taken and cannot retrieve from our memory banks? We don’t even have the deposit slips.

(Do you hear the trumpets? Or, drum rolls? Listen… )

Your planning-for, paying-for, participating-in, poof-gone trips can be a thing of your past…

Today there is a new style of travel journal which will become your best friend on a trip. It combines comfortably spaced lines on the right pages and blank pages on the left, plus other features that help you collect goodies.

The lined pages entice your pen to jot down just a couple of descriptive words about what you are experiencing (seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing), which, guaranteed, will quickly trigger your memory, in full color, any time in the future when you read those words.

The blank pages draw you to place souvenirs, tickets, postcards, part of a menu, literally any memento which is meaningful of that time. And, the artist in you can come out to play, sketch or paint. Some of your photos can easily be added when you return home.

With a journal like this one, it is time for you to tap back into your “little kid” enthusiasm for collecting things.

Good-bye to lost travel memories. Hello to fun recording and recalling in a new travel journal that is also a scrapbook!

Buying Used Cars

Many people prefer purchasing a used car, as it often proves to be cheap and inexpensive. The increase in importance and sales of used cars can be attributed to the fact that many people cannot afford to purchase a brand new car. People can purchase used cars through numerous dealers, retail agencies, and individual sellers. It is very important that people conduct enough research before making a purchase decision; buying a used car is considered an important financial decision. Private sales often tend to be a good buy, but customers need to be cautious when buying from an individual. Whenever possible, buyers are advised to deal with a seller they know and trust.

People should take care while purchasing a used car. They should opt for cars having an active warranty period. It is also important to make sure all the relevant documents are available. There are many guides available that people can go through in order to purchase a used car. While purchasing a used car, people are advised to check out the car’s repair record, maintenance costs, safety and mileage rankings in consumer magazines or online.

Used cars can also be purchased from used car superstores. These superstores have a large collection of cars, and customers generally have an access to a computerized database that assists them in making a suitable selection.

Used cars can also be purchased form a number of dealers and agencies. Customers are advised to conducts sufficient inquiries and research in order to locate a reputed supplier.

The numbers of private retailers and agencies that focus on selling used cars have considerably increased over the years. Most of these retailers and agencies can also be easily found online. Most of these used cars are in good condition and are a good investment for many people. Many online sites are also available wherein detailed information is given about the local agencies and dealers selling used cars.