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Super Cars Are Here To Stay

Henry Ford is credited with mass producing automobiles with the intention of cheap vehicles, produced quickly, and built to last perhaps a few years. They would then be hauled off to a junk yard and replaced by another low cost vehicle. Ford manufactured sedans, convertibles, sports cars, trucks, and racing cars. The racing variety was intended to promote the line of cars built by Ford. This form of advertisement remains in use today for all auto makers. The car distinction came about with high speed, sporty vehicles that stood out because they had the distinction of being extremely stylish with sleek lines that spoke of speed and class.

Today we see super cars with astonishing price tags!
Modern so called cars can be antiques that are rare and stylish or more modern vehicles with the distinction of being extremely fast and stylish.

According to Wikepedia, Supercar is a term used most often to describe an expensive high end car. It has been defined specifically as “a very expensive, fast or powerful car”.

Historically the Alfa Romeo Monza was dubbed a super car back in 1917 by Car and Track magazine and may be the first to coin the term but others have since described various vehicles as “super” cars according to their taste in automobiles. What designates a car as super? Many enthusiasts state it is high speed while others claim it is the stylish lines of a particular automobile.

Zero to sixty in 3 seconds?
There are a few cars today that can accelerate extremely fast and that garner them the term “super car”. The Lamborghini Aventador with its 690 horse power and zero to sixty speeds of 2.9 seconds gives it definite claim to the car status along with the Ferrari 360 with its own record breaking zero to sixty records of 4.3 and claim of 400 horses under the hood. Many vehicles with car claims can reach extremely high speeds when space allows.

Exotic design brings on historic prices at auction
Henry Ford with his disposable cars never could have dreamed of older models selling for 2 million dollars! Of course those with such high price tags have to be distinctive and specialized to attract buyers. One fine example is the 1986 Trans AM. Modified by the Polly Motorsport Company in Norway this car could definitely claim “super car” status after its transformation into the fastest street legal car in Europe. Modifications allowed it to hit 100 kph in a mere 2.3 seconds and top speed overall of 407.143 kph.

Super cars become pampered pets of distinction
This type of vehicle will most likely never be seen on city streets because they are so expensive and many do not match the criteria to make them “street legal” yet they are beloved by owners and fellow enthusiasts who appreciate the fine lines, powerful engines, and the collectability. Many specialty cars will double their value in a very few years, making them desirable and highly collectable and always will be.

Girls Guide to Sending HIM Flowers

Who says only men can give flowers? A study showed that two-thirds of men said that they would like it if they would receive flowers during Valentines Day. But what kind of flowers do men like, anyways? Here are some tips to hopefully help you out in picking the right kind of flowers to give to your man.

  1. You should think of the occasion. Remember the certain times when you want to receive flowers. Some of these might include anniversaries, birthdays, career promotion, or times when you feel down.
  2. You should also consider color. Well, there are no established, clear-cut rules on what colors are set for gender but to play it safe you can choose to avoid pink or purple even if you are certain he won’t have any issues with it. Always include masculine-colored flowers.
  3. Do away with colors symbolizing femininity like pastels, pinks and purples. But don’t be limited with the color blue, you can play with strong, vibrant, monochromatic colors like glaring yellow, intense orange, bloody red and gold.
  4. The kind of flowers also matter. This makes our fourth tip. You ought to know that men love the kind of flowers that women like. The list includes orchids, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilies, etc. But what appeals to them obviously are the ones that embody sturdiness and are full of character like the edginess of birds of paradise, exoticness of orchids and as well anthuriums.
  5. You should also know how flowers should be arranged to make it masculine. Do not go for the usual fluffy large bouquet and settle for something tropical, exotic or modern arrangements that usually come in linear or angular compositions. You can ask for a florist’s help in achieving this style. If you want it to do it yourself, then give him a flower that he can put on top his desk at work.

Last, but certainly not the least. Incorporate a personal touch to it. You can integrate his favorite sport, hobbies and interest into the floral gift. This would surely make him appreciate it more. Try adding a car magazine along with the flower, if he is into automotive. If he loves playing video games, then add a new video game to add to his collection. You can also bake a favorite cookie or pastries of his to go with the flowers.

From a Magazine Ad to a New Philosophy of Life?

It sounds wacky, huh? Why would anyone – anyone who’s sane, that is – think that a few dozen words they discovered in a magazine ad could make a great philosophy to live by. The world already has more philosophers than it needs. And they’ve written millions of words describing or defending their varied theories. What great wisdom could possibly come from the mind of some nameless copywriter?

What if I were to suggest that his words – actually, they could be her words – would provide a wonderful way to live out the rest of our lives…perhaps even make amends for mistakes we’ve made in years past? Yes, folks, I mean the all-inclusive “we.” We as individuals, as a nation, even “we” as a world. The idea’s not that goofy when you take a closer look. Shall we?

Here are those words that got me thinking, unusual words, part of an ad meant to sell Saturn cars: “What if we took the time to rethink things? Forcing ourselves to look at how things are and imagining what they could be. Not waiting for change, but being the catalyst.” Just thirty-one words, but endless possibilities when you take a closer look.

Rethink. My, what a door-opener that word can be. If we’re going to rethink how we’ve done things – as individuals, as a nation, as a world – why not undo some of them – or at least make amends for the things we wish we’d done differently? Yes, we – individually and collectively.

People we’ve slighted, perhaps even deliberately hurt. Deeds we’ve done that no one but we as individuals know about. Wars we’ve fought, some of which we’ve won, others for which victory proved elusive. Were either worth the lives they ruined or destroyed?

Change. Another powerful word, not so much for what it is, but for the potential it holds. Change the future? Hopefully. Change what has resulted from the past? Not as easily done, but worth attempting.

Catalyst An interesting word. A means, a vehicle, a method. Hopefully for good.

You – or I – can become a catalyst for change. Then why not all of us? If each of us were to rethink who we are, what we do, how we do it now, then improve just one of those elements ever so slightly, what a tremendous impact that would have on the people around us, on the entire world.

Take a moment – yes, now – to look at your life as it is. Imagine what it could be if you were to rethink it – who you are, what you do, how you do it. But don’t stop at just imagining. Take that next step. Rethink – and become the catalyst that actually changes your life.