Failure Is A Learning Curve Part One

Before I started my internet marketing business I was involved in several other business opportunities many years ago and there were reasons why I didn’t see them through to the end. Now these opportunities were genuine and had excellent potential to make me a huge profit!

So what happened and why didn’t they work for me? Well I’ll tell you what they were all about and why I failed at them.

Back in 1999 I was introduced to a fantastic opportunity to sell website packages to businesses. These were sites that the owners could update themselves and back then this was a relatively new thing.

I would earn £350 for the lowest priced package and could earn up to £850 on the highest priced package. This was an opportunity not to be missed. However, there were other fees that I had to pay.

I had to pay £100 per month for this opportunity but still could be highly profitable as just one sale per month would easily cover this.

What I didn’t really think about was how to market this product. The best way would’ve been to approach businesses, but I was in a full time job and found that this would be very difficult to do.

I have never been involved in sales before either so the thought of walking into a business and trying to sell them something was extremely daunting!

So being naïve I thought that I could just place ads in a magazine and sales would poor in. After placing my ad in a magazine which cost me a small fortune I waited for a response. I waited and waited and guess what… nothing.

My money may as well have been flushed down the toilet! I then took out another ad in a business start up magazine. This gave me some response and a sale. The sale covered the cost of the ad but no profit.

So in the end I didn’t want to risk anymore money, I just didn’t have the time to visit companies or the confidence to walk into their premises to sell them something and so I decided to give it up.

But then another opportunity rolled up. One which could make me lots of money again and instantly I could see the massive potential.

This was getting businesses to use email marketing promotions which I handled for them. I would give them a box with forms attached which would sit on their counter. Their customers would fill in the form with their name and email and place it in the box if they wanted to receive promotional offers from the company via email.

I would collect the forms and send the emails to their customers with their promotional offer. I got everything I needed to run the business but then it came to selling it again. I realised that I was in the same boat as before… I would need to go out selling!

I just couldn’t imagine myself going out and selling and I was not going to spend lots of money on advertising again! So I gave up again without even trying to promote it.

Some time later another business opportunity came my way. This time it was an offline marketing business. How this worked was I would put up boards in pubs, community centres, gyms, libraries etc where many local people go.

These boards were not just plain boards, they had a centre part where local people could put personal ads in it and the businesses would have professional looking ads around the edge.

It was a great idea and this time I was going to go out and sell it. I decided to face my fear and approach companies!

I managed to get my local pub to sign up for a board which was free to them. He gave me a couple of businesses to visit to see if they would like a space on my board. I was feeling great at this point I could actually make some progress.

So, feeling good that things were looking up and I had some referrals from the landlord I decided I’m going to go for it and approach these businesses.

I sat at home rehearsing my sales pitch. After a lot of thinking and anxiety building up I could’ve easily just stayed home and shut myself in… but… this was it… I gave myself I kick up the rear end and went for it!

I got in my car and rolled up to the first business on my list. It was a bed and breakfast. I sat in my car for a bit thinking about what I was going to say and anxiety started building up again… I could’ve easily have just turned round and gone home!

How to Increase Children’s Reading Habit in A Developing Country

An Education Staff of Athalia School, Tangerang, Indonesia.

If someone has the ability to read does not mean he directly has the interest to read. Reading skill and reading interest are 2 kinds of different matters. Many schools in the developing countries struggle to educate their society to be able to master the reading skills. For example in Indonesia, some parts of the society still have no ability to read because of their poorness in getting education opportunity or because they live in a very remote area.

Many people in developing countries still struggle with the basic needs such as food, clothes and housing so that they do not have idea or budget for books, even for education.

Because of that situation, the culture of reading habit is far from their reach. Even though some of them already have a better living, their thought is still focused on something that is more real, functional, comforting, money- value or something that can improve their prestige like jewelries, hand phones, luxuries housing & cars, expensive toys, etc. Because the culture of reading is not formed yet, the society spend most of their free time for watching TV or chatting.

For some family who has realized the important of books and education, it is still hard for them to increase the reading interest and habit of their children because they have to spend more money for buying books that are getting more expensive. Libraries are rare. Even many schools have no libraries. But there are still some ideas to increase children’s reading habit in the midst of not ideal condition.

First, if you realize that reading habit is important for you and your children, start the reading habit in your own family without blaming the situation around you. Your habit will sooner or later influence your surroundings. Read your children everyday or regularly to form their reading habit and their love of books. It does not matter if you only have ten minutes everyday. It still also gives you good impact. Let your children know that you enjoy the time you share with them for reading. They will love both the time for reading and the time to attach with you.

Second, include expense for books in your budget. It does not matter if you only spend a little of money according to what you can afford. The important thing is you plan and budget it routinely every month. You and your children should often visit bookshop or book fair.

Third, visit any libraries that are available in your neighborhood, schools, universities, clubs, etc. Ask the children to visit the libraries will increase their love for books.

Fourth, you can decrease the expense of books if you can exchange your books with your friends, relatives or neighbors. Sharing books will increase our knowledge in a cheaper way. You can hold a book club where you and the other members (adults and children) can bring their collection of books and share them.

Fifth, you can make your own books. Reading books does not always mean buying books. We can borrow them, share them or make them by ourselves. Children will be enthusiastic if you make a personal book especially made for them. You can use their photographs, handmade pictures, etc to make the book. You can stick the photographs or pictures on some sheets of blank paper, then you write some comments about them. You can arrange the photographs from the child’s birth till he is growing. You also can cut and stick the brochure from the hospital where the baby was born to complete the book. You or your children can draw something on that books, too. You can put the photographs of grandpa, grandma or other relatives to introduce your big family to your children. You can also stick some pictures that reveal your culture or the customs of your society so that the children will learn about their ancestors’ culture and tradition.

The handmade books can be varied in themes. Maybe you want to tell your children about your job and what you are doing while you are away from them. You can take some pictures of your office, your friends, your projects, places you visited, etc and make a book from that pictures. The children will be happy and trust you because they know what you are doing when they miss you. It is important especially for career women who often leave their children.

It’s cheap but excited if you ask your children to make their own books. They can draw or cut pictures from magazines and write their own stories according to their imagination. If your children is still to young to write, you can ask them to tell you the stories of the pictures and you write it for them. After that, read the books for them. They will be very proud of them.

For you yourself, you can collect a lot information from newspaper, magazines, internet, brochures and any other printing materials to make a clipping of information. For example, if you like cooking, you can collect many recipes from many resources and also add your own recipes that you write or type. Bundle those information to make your personal cooking book. If you need information about technology, you can also do the same although you must work harder to collect more information. The important thing is financial problem and lacking of books do not stop your enthusiastic for reading. There are many ways to get and collect information.

Sixth, there is another way that will make children interested in book. Usually children like watching cartoon like “Nemo, Lion King, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh” or may be there are some traditional legends, puppets or stories that the children love very much. It is very interesting if they watch the movie or show and then read the books. The books can be bought or made by yourself.

Seventh, It is creative if you can dramatize the story you read to your children. For example, if the story is about a king and a queen, you can pretend to be the king and your child is the queen. You can pile up some pillows as your throne and wear a hat as your crown. You and your children can also roar like lions if there are some lions in the story. Children will be very enthusiastic to do that. You can do what the story is about, too. For example, the story is about going to the zoo, you can go to the zoo, too. Or if the story is about fruit, you can go to the market or supermarket to observe them. Bring the information in the story into reality or action.

Eighth, give books as gifts for your children instead of toys. I do not mean that toys are not good for children. I think educational toys are very important for children but you should introduce books as gifts so that the children will respect books as valuable gifts. You can give books for your children as their birthday presents, Christmas presents or when they have good achievement in schools.

Ninth, your reading habit should be the example for your children because deeds speak louder than words. If your children often see you reading, they will know that reading is a good habit that mom and dad often do. How if you yourself do not like reading but you realized that reading is very important for your children ?. It is a fact that many adults do not like reading but there are some tips that you can do to overcome this problem. Find the books that are suitable with your hobbies. If you like cooking, read many recipes or books about cooking. You can also chase your favorite novels. Talk to yourselves that books are important because they can broaden your point of view, your knowledge, skills and even improve your career as well as give you relaxation. Switch off your television, because we usually spend more time for watching television that what we plan. Put the books on the places that are easy to see and access like in your bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the car, etc. Ask your friends what books they are reading now or books that are good in their opinion. You will be more motivated if you hear that your friends promoted them to you. Make a list what books you have read and what books you plan to read. You will be satisfied if the list is becoming longer. Visit the bookstores, book fairs and libraries. The best thing to do is do it now ! Do not wait until you have enough time or until you think you want to do it later.

Tenth, make sure that books and reading habit are one of your priority because you know the benefit of them. From books you can introduce a lot of knowledge to your children. There is no limit of knowledge if we can learn it by ourselves through reading both from books or from the internet. Do not wait until your children able to read to give them books. Start as soon as they were born. If you often communicate with your babies and read stories for them, their language ability will increase. Although they have not been able to response you through words, they absorb the words you speak to them (Beck, 1997). Do not only give fiction books for young children although they usually like fiction with cute pictures like Winne The Pooh or Mickey mouse. They will also be enthusiastic if you give them non fiction books like books of knowledge such as books about human body, solar system, sea animals, etc. Introduce them to the knowledge since they are very young so that they will like the knowledge and their curiosity will increase, too.

Besides, through books we can teach our children about some concept, value or belief. When it is difficult to tell them not to cheat, you can find a children book with interesting pictures that contains of moral teaching concerning cheating. I have an experience with my little boy when he was afraid of visiting a dentist. Before we visited the dentist, I read him a book about going to the dentist. It is a funny story because the dentist is a tiger and the patient is a little tiger. The little tiger is very brave to see the dentist. This book made my son brave enough to see the dentist because he wanted to be a brave little boy like the little tiger was.

But remember that only good books should you and your children read because some books can be very destructive if they are not suitable with your value or belief. For example, there are many books that contains of pornography and violence that can influence you and your children’s mind. You must be very selective in reading or giving books for your children because our mind is not like a computer. You can delete some data in your computer but you can not erase the information or imagination in your children’s mind. If you think that your children have already been fond of wrong books, do not forbid them directly to stop their habit of reading them. Instead, influence them with your opinion that they should be able to choose which books are good and which books are not so that they will not resist. Let them know from the beginning that they can choose their books but give them some limitation which books are acceptable, which books are not and your reason of that limitation.

There is another benefit of books. You can use it to teach your children foreign languages. Children’s brain is easier to absorb language than adult (Beck, 1997). If you take your little children live abroad, they will master the language when they interact with the children from other countries. If a child is raised by a couple of different nationalities, the child will be able to speak two languages of his parents. I know a child whose father is a Japanese and mother is an Indonesian. This child master both Japanese and Indonesian. Because of children’s ability to absorb new languages fast, you can use foreign language story books to introduce and teach them the languages. Maybe you yourselves only know a little about this language but if you can just read it for them, the vocabularies and structures of the language will be remembered by them.

I am an Indonesian. I read my son English story books when he was 3 years old. I just read the books again and again and then he can repeat the story by himself as if he can read it. He can also repeat the structures in a daily conversation. For example, the book says ” Cat can eat. Cat can drink”. While he was eating, he could say “I can eat, I can drink”. There is another book that says ” Teddy flies higher and higher”. While he was playing, he climbed on a chair and then he jumped to the floor saying ” I can fly higher and higher.” I think the influence of the books is very prominent. The important thing is you have to find a simple story book which has a big picture and a few words or sentences and repeat the story many times as long as your children is not boring. You can choose what foreign language you want to introduce to your children. Just find the simple story books and repeat them in a regular basis. Sooner or later he will remember the vocabularies and recognize the structures.

There are many benefits of books, but you do not always have to buy them. As it is explained above, you can borrow them, share them or make them by yourself. Use your imagination to produce your simple drawings. Or use the pictures from newspapers or magazines to make your own books. Arrange the pictures and the words according to your idea and you will have your personal collection cheaply but creatively made just for your children and yourselves. The value can’t be compared. So do not wait until you have enough money to buy books or wait until you have enough time to read or wait until your children are big enough to read books by themselves. Start it now ! No matter the condition of your financial problem is. If you invest your time and your kids’ time for reading good books, you invest better future for your family.

eBay – Selling a Porsche (Or Other Make) on eBay Automotive

ebay is a wonder. Fascinating, rewarding, dangerous…for both buyers and sellers. As a long time buyer, and a fanatical watcher of auctions I’ve come to glean a few tips that, I hope, will be useful for those contemplating or currently selling cars in eBay Motors. I’d like to cover listings, display and description, successes and failures, caveats, dangers and scams, and finally, alternatives. And while it is mostly geared to 911′s and other Porsche’s, the basic points apply to all cars.

Personally, I don’t care what software you use to list on eBay. Whether you use eBay’s own tools, or a third party offering such as GarageSale (on the Mac). They mostly do the same thing… get your car exposed to thousands of buyers. And that’s the point. You want to expose your car in the most appealing, open way. We’re not talking about attic junk, inexpensive merchandise, or the like. We’re talking about a relatively expensive item. And in a medium that is fraught with dangers, both on the selling and buying ends. You need to keep in mind that the buyer needs the assurance that they are dealing with an honest seller, who will make every effort to present their offering in a way that is clear and open. If anything I say is meaningful, this is probably it.

But let me put it even more bluntly. Clarity means money. I’ve seen dozens of cars go for way under the money because the seller didn’t have a clue. Poor title, bad pictures, descriptions that are either lacking or deceptive. These are all pocketbook killers. And time wasters. Your time, especially.

Let’s start…

The Listing Title

Of course, the basics are Year and Model. But you need to add some sizzle to drum up interest. 2002 Carrera 996 is ok, but perhaps adding words relating to options, warranty, location (especially in a road salt free area), etc. provide a more concise opening to your listing.

On the other hand, one listing I thought was terrible had the title “Clean Title, No liens”. I would hope so already. Don’t state the obvious. And if the title wasn’t clean, and/or there were liens better to mention that in the body of the listing. Buyers will find out eventually.

The eBay stuff

Under the main head lies the basic info on the car…VIN, mileage, color, options, etc. Most things are automatic but make sure you list options. If you don’t have the ‘option’ to check off, include it in the body copy. You want to sell the car, don’t you?

Main Copy

You’re selling two things. The car and yourself. You’re asking a person to spend thousands of dollars. If you aren’t a dealer with a nationwide reputation, you need to reassure the buyer that you are a caring owner who has treated your Porsche like your baby. In the UK, service history and where the car was maintained is of supreme importance. To me, it is too. If you kept records, and hopefully you have, state it. If some specialist did the servicing, state it.

Offer a chance for interested buyers to get a Pre-Purchase inspection. Platz (dot) com has a list of good service centers for this.

I always recommend an inspection. It’s a good investment. It also shows that you have faith in your car. Remember, the more you put into the selling of your car, the more you’ll get in the end. Of course, not everyone has the time. But try. Also try to be available for personal visits.

Another good thing to mention is any Porsche affiliation. PCA members, this is a big plus. Don’t be shy. Hey, and if the car won any awards at shows, don’t be modest.

Of course, try to be honest about the car. Is it a salvage title? Well, you should mention that. If they order a CarFax they are going to find out anyway. Same for bad accidents. A small dent, well. Body work that was cosmetic and repaired. I leave that up to you.

Conversely, talk about condition, especially if it is a plus point. Lack of road chips, scratches, original paintwork, etc. Pluses.

But don’t lie. You’re going to back it up with photos!

Also, if you use one of those checklists which have all the points and a grading range, excellent to poor, don’t check off excellent if that area leaves much to be desired. One dealer has been listing the same car for months now. His pictures are good. But they also reveal leather seats with pronounced cracking. It’s obvious. But he has ‘Excellent’ checked off under condition for the seats. Hey, if he’s stretching the truth on that, what else is he hiding. Now I emailed him with links to leather products that could fix them up. But rather than spend twenty or so bucks fixing them, he keeps on listing the car. Oh yeah, his engine bay is dirty. And this is a dealer! So far he’s gotten bids up to $24,000. He’s asking $32,500. He relisted twice with an opening bid of $27,000. No takers. Is this an IQ test?


I’m a firm believer in the value of good photography in selling cars. And I’ve seen hundreds of cars not selling because the pictures were few, overexposed, too small, etc. I don’t know if the seller is uncaring, hiding something, or just lazy. Do I want to spend tens of thousands on a car that I can’t see in person or at least photos. Simply put, Good Photos sell Good Cars.

The more photos (within reason) the more likely you’ll sell your car. And that’s what you want to do, isn’t it?

What do I hate? Out of focus pictures. Overexposed, lack of contrast, no shots of the engine bay or boot, the wheels and tires, etc. Need I go on? Think of it this way. Your photographs are a substitute for the buyers doing a personal inspection of the car. Would you want to inspect a car in the dark? Have a one minute time limit? I don’t think so.

Take your pictures either earlier in the day or later, but not at night. The sunlight can wash out details. A bleached out look to the car will make the buyer have second thoughts.

Remember this point. At major auctions, the sellers that stay by their cars, answering questions, allowing punters to examine their cars, etc. achieve significantly higher prices. Treat your auction the same. Show off your car in pictures. Answer questions quickly and thoroughly. Make more money.

Know Your Car (Model Selling Points)

For each model, even each year there are points that you can make that sell you car. Here’s a few:

356 range — Obviously the most important things are a rust-free body (or repair work to make it such), originality, matching numbers, etc.

Early 911′s — Probably one of the hottest areas in the market. Again, body integrity, matching numbers. The earliest cars are more eligible for historic events. Later, ‘long chassis’ cars are better handling.

1974-1989 — Again, body condition for non-galvanized cars is important. 1988-89 cars, the G50 transmission. Engine modifications like hydraulic tensioners should be noted.

964′s — As this line went on, major improvements occurred. Mention all updates such as breather hose on distributors, or dual belt changes also for distributor failure.

993′s — 1995′s (Non-Variocams) don’t have the carbon buildup that the later engines had, so longer life without top end rebuild. Later cars have more power. Of course, these are the last air-cooled cars. “S” cars carry a premium, don’t underprice your cars.

996′s — 3.6 engine more powerful. State if your 3.4 or 3.6 engine has any updates such as RMS work. 2002 onwards more creature comforts. 1999 – 2001 good value. Tiptronics have less RMS problems.

997′s — Well, great cars but depreciation is hard to gauge. But the buyers here are looking for the cleanest, newest looking car.

914′s — Getting hotter. Personally I prefer the 2.0′s or the 6′s. Upgraded shifters,, other upgrades or improvements…talk it up.

928′s — Later models have more improvements generally, and the prices reflect that. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive car to deal with. Any remedial work should be mentioned…engine work, electrical, etc. It’s scary what it costs to fix the most minor thing. But they are good cars when running.

Front Engined Porsches — Well, not as knowledgeable here. 924′s actually finally getting some respect. 944′s and 968′s selling and good value for dollar. I’ll get to this eventually.

Cayenne’s — Do you bother reading about Porsche’s?

Pricing your Baby

Here is a grey area. A good start is the pricing sites. NADA and Kelley Blue Book are two.

Excellence magazine is a fantastic resource. Bruce Anderson has both Market Reports talking about ac†ual sales, and his Market Update covering a section of the marketplace (for 993′s, 914′s, Early 911′s, Turbo’s, etc.) with very up-to-date pricing in varying degrees of condition. I can’t recommend it more. And his brother Steve’s illustration work is superb!

Also, see what price COMPLETED sales achieve. An overoptimistic opening bid is not indicative of an actual price. Ebay does give a market range but I find it useless. Also, unsold auctions can teach us a lot about listing. Is the reserve price too high? See what bids DIDN’T meet the reserve. And remember that dealers usually achieve a premium for their cars, especially when they are specialists or authorized.

IMPORTANT — Remember that eBay gets phony bids. Try not to encourage friends to submit bids to drive up the price. You’re probably not going to sell the car. Also, if unsuccessful in your listing, eBay will probably offer you a free relisting. Well, maybe the relisting is free but some extras are still optional.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT — Today, we are still in very unstable economic environment. I see a softening of the market in lesser than top-tier cars. It either is going to take longer to sell your car, or a readjustment of your expectations. Don’t be discouraged. Good cars sell.

How Options affect value

Got to be honest. Aftermarket kits, especially updated body kits, $20,000 stereos, etc. are great fun. But don’t expect them to make their initial investment back. I saw a guy who had a 911SC updated to a 964 bodykit, expensive stereo, tasteless interior installed, etc. He was asking $69,000 for it. Guess what? He eventually relisted it $20,000 less. Guess what? I’m sure he still owns the beast. A 911SC is a 911SC. The car was worth in the teens. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, as they say.

If you want to improve/customise your car….fantastic! But do it for yourself, not in expectation of a big reward later. There are exceptions. Getting a RUF upgrade from their USA place might be an interesting idea. But you still won’t get back your money. Most cars are just used cars. Unless there is a particular demand for the model, say a 356 or early 911, some collectibles such as factory Speedsters, etc. your car probably isn’t worth more than you paid for it.

International Opportunities

If you are comfortable with shipping, and with dealing with overseas buyers you can consider some of the eBay Motors foreign markets. With the weakness of the dollar, overseas buyers can achieve a significant savings even with import tax and shipping. Especially with 356′s and early 911′s. The market is quite crazy there, especially in the UK. But be careful. Yes, be very careful! I wouldn’t sell anything without the money in the bank, and verified. Scams abound. I’ll cover that later.

Alternatives to Ebay

Say you’re not successful on eBay. Well, don’t give up hope. There are some other cost-effective methods to get your car out there. Firstly, the time-honored auto classifieds, Hemmings. I’ve always worried about the lead time, especially in monthlies but now Hemmings is placing their classifieds on their website so that answers that. It does seem that the asking prices are higher in Hemmings but that could be indicative of a more focused clientele than just wishful seller thinking. Worth a try.

Lists are a good resource. Pelican Parts and Rennlist are two that cater to sports cars, and Porsches. They might be better for manual transmission cars than Tiptronics due to the readership, but the price is right.

There are general listings such as Cars (dot) com and AutoTrader. Worth checking out even as a supplement to your listings.

Seller Beware

Remember, scams abound on eBay, both buying and selling. Be sure to add language to protect yourself. Unless you sell warrantees state whether anything is covered and the time period. Or state, “AS IS”. People are buying used cars and both parties must make an effort to do the right research to protect themselves.

Also, sellers must be extremely careful who they sell to. Low feedback can indicate either a newbie to eBay, or someone who changed their identity to hide negative feedback. Negative feedback should be a warning sign. Too much of that and you might consider canceling their bids. Some people ask for a higher deposit from these buyers.

Pay attention to the eBay warnings about scams. Foreign buyers can be a godsend with the dollar dropping. They can also be scam artists. Beware people who send a deposit higher than asked, and who request you to send back the difference in cash. You’re not that stupid, are you? Certified checks can be forged. It isn’t enough to deposit a check. The bank will credit your account for the funds. If the check is no good, they’ll just as quickly take out the funds. Remember, it can take weeks for a check to clear, especially if foreign. Go to your bank manager, ask them to find out that the check is real. There’s a system in place for this procedure. You don’t want to find out that you’re out tens of thousands AFTER you ship the car.

So the operative word is CHECK. Check the buyer. Check the check. When in doubt ask for cash or wired funds. Then give them the car. If the buyer is legit he or she won’t mind.

A Success Story

One car I was interested in was a 95 Cabriolet located in Florida. The listing was outstanding. His description of car, its’ features and add ons (Artec wheels, LoJack, Kicker Sub and associated amps, rear seat delete, factory option of locking storage, etc.), detailed notes on body structure, etc….as I said,outstanding. He offered his assistance in shipping, both domestic and foreign. Everything was clear. Then, the icing on the cake. The photos. A couple dozen clear photos on the listing page. AND a link to a Picassa web album containing dozens more pictures. Other than being there, it was a close second.

Now the interesting part was that the seller had the car listed on Autotrader at a decent price. But no buyers. So he listed on ebay. I had submitted a bid at book. I knew it was going to go higher. And I had seen the ad on Autotrader so I knew in general what he was looking to get. I had the winning bid till a few days before auction end. Then he started receiving questions…some from clueless buyers (what kind of coolant does it have?) and dealers who knew that the car was worth a nice bit more. And also queries from Europe. At the end of the auction it went for over two thousand more than it was listed for on Autotrader. While sad that I didn’t get it, was so happy for the seller (who I’ve had some great email conversations with…and knew that this was an upfront and honest guy).

The car wasn’t perfect (although was pretty close), but the listing was! And his return showed how a little effort, honest presentation, and clarity really pays off. By the way, he got over six thousand over book price! Just goes to show that people will pay for the right car!

This is just an overview of the process. Good luck with your sale!

copyright2011, William Sachs Gore